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Quick freezer

In small-scale bakeries, our quick-freeze systems are in use for quick-freezing dough pieces. The quick-freeze cells can be manufactured and delivered with the capacity and equipment as requested by the customer.

The systems can be delivered both as drive-in or drive-through version. With a length from 4 rack trolleys in succession, we recommend using a conveyor system which automatically and continuously conveys the trolleys through the quick freezer.

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Product description

KUNZE shock freezer systems are used for the quickest possible freezing of dough pieces and pastries. They are distinguished by an extraordinarily well thought-out and efficient cooling capacity. Particularly large evaporator surfaces with wide fin spacing ensure maximum performance without drying out and enable long defrosting intervals.

For the infeed and outfeed, climate airlocks are optionally provided, which prevent the direct exchange of air between production and the freezer room. Icing of the evaporators is also avoided. You can choose between wing doors and mechanical or electrical sliding doors. The shock cells are normally lowered flush with the floor, but can also be placed on the customer's hall floor if required.

As a standard feature, the cooling systems are operated with the refrigerant R a. As an alternative, ammonia gas (NH3), glycol or CO2 can also be used by the customer.

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