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KUNZE proofing retarder

The KUNZE proofing retarders are specially designed for long dough cooking at low plus temperatures (-5°C to +15°C) and are therefore an ideal instrument for all ambitious bakers who want to convince their customers with better, more aromatic products.

The possible storage time reaches up to 36 hours. This makes it possible to bake for a longer period of time without any loss of quality. You will be as flexible as your customers expect you to be.

Data sheet
 Temperature range -5 to +15 degrees Celsius
Relative moisture %RH up to approx. 95%
Product characteristics uncooked, frozen
Carriage type rack trolley/proofing trolley
Number of trolleys 1 to unlimited
Sheet size  60/80 optional 100mm
Insulation  80, optional 100mm
Control system: deep-freeze control
  • Outstanding product quality

  • More intensive aroma

  • Improved dough structure

  • Longer-lasting freshness

  • Highest uniformity and quality
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