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Industrial cooling systems


In addition to customised refrigeration cells for small- to large-scale bakeries, we also offer industrial cooling systems which are conceived as specifically requested by the customer.


Tunnel- and spiral-shaped cooling systems as well as cold-storage rooms presenting specific requirements, such as including chain conveyor system for rack trolleys are part of our everyday product portfolio.


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Drive-through refrigeration systems

Drive-through refrigeration systems have doors or gate at their in- and outfeed sections. The dimensions of the cell depend on the desired capacity of rack trolley and cooling capacity per hour. Automatic conveying with chain conveyors is recommended from a number of 4 trolleys in succession, as the necessary force for pushing through is too great. The baked goods are conveyed continuously.

Belt cooling system

The belt cooling systems are integrated directly into the pre-process. For one, they are intended for cooling during the dough preparation process. On the other hand for cooling baked products downstream of the oven for further processing (e.g. packaging). The baked goods are conveyed continuously.

Depending on the design, the cooling tunnel can be constructed from one or more decks.

Spiral cooling systems

The spiral conveyor is the preferred choice for industrial cooling applications. The main advantage is a long conveying distance on a relatively small footprint. A flexible conveyor belt guided spirally around a rotating drum. The distance between decks is designed individually according to the customer's requirements. System height and spiral diameter result from the distance between decks, and are therefore individually designed as required. The spiral conveyor is available as up and down conveyor and is completely made of stainless steel. The flexible spiral system, designed as a cooling system provides the opportunity of continuous product cooling.

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