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KUNZE drive-through proofers DFG

In order to guarantee optimal proofing and thus the best conditions for baking the dough pieces, the baker needs an isolated proofing chamber with a constant climate. Designed as drive-in proofing chamber with wing doors or drive-through systems with automatic conveying system and high-speed doors, our proofing chambers are used in bakeries all over the world. Proofing chambers made by Kunze have been designed for baking racks and are adapted to customer's specifications.

Product brochure
  • Highly efficient drive-through proofers

  • Uniform air distribution for best product quality

  • Designs from 1 to 5 rows - next to each other

  • Each line is infinitely variable from 30 - 120 min. processing time

  • Precise product quality thanks to state-of-the-art technologies

  • Network-compatible for remote monitoring via KUNZE remote

  • Optionally also available with counter-cooling

We distinguish three designs of our drive-through proofers. On the one hand, in a variant for pushing through the rack trolleys manually. On the other hand, in a semi-automatic version with automatic chain conveyor system, but for manual unloading. In our premium version, we offer a fully automatic chain conveyor system for an unmanned discharge of the rack trolleys after a pre-set period of time.

  • Drive-through proofing plant - manual

  • Drive-through proofing plant with chain conveyer - semi-automatic

  • Drive-through proofing plant with chain conveyer and automatic discharge conveyor - fully automatic

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