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Deep-freeze systems for bakery trade

Our deep-freeze systems are in use in small-scale bakeries for conservation and temporary storage as well as for freezing food products. In this context, we can meet customer-specific and individual requirements such as dimensions, cell design (coated steel or stainless steel), air guidance as well as the cooling medium (Frigen, glycol, etc.).

This is where our strengths lie. In designing and supplying special solutions.

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Product description

Deep-freeze systems in small-scale production are mainly intended for the storage or intermediate storage of dough pieces. For appropriate refrigeration reasons, a deep-freeze cell should be equipped with a refrigerated lock at the entrance in order to prevent unnecessary freezing at the evaporator and to preserve the cold in the deep-freeze area. It is possible to integrate a shock freezing station for individual rack trolleys in the deep-freeze area. Dimensions and shape are individually adapted to the needs of the customer.

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